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Data Center

Complicated information technologies which are used in modern business require fast processing, safe filing and permanent access to large volumes of data. These functions can be perfectly carried out only by data processing centers (DPC).

Allocation of Your termination equipment in Data-Center of JSC “Macomnet” will ensure You the following advantages:

  • Data-Center is situated in the central building of Engineering Block of Moscow Metropolitan directly above constructions of “Prospect Mira” Metro station, that supplies our Data-Center with all necessary (moreover – unique) conditions of technological defense for equipment.

  • Data-Center is situated in the vicinity of the Focal Switch of JSC “Macomnet” network, where dubbed trunks of the main network topologies are concentrated. Also Internet Network Switch and Central Telephone Exchange of JSC “Macomnet” are here.
  • When choosing our platform for Your equipment placing Your new switch, placed in Macomnet Data-Center, will be apart geographically from the existing switch of Your network topology.
  • It will become possible to organize quickly new channels to Your switch, including international trunks, with up to 10Gbps or STM-64 capacity. To organize high-speed channels no additional expensive equipment is required. The organization of channels with SDH, ATM, MPLS technologies is possible as well.
  • Round-the-clock help-desk service of JSC “Macomnet” is situated in the neighbor hall (in the same building) with Data-Center, so all emergency works or new connections can be carried out on-the-fly and without additional concordances.