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Macomnet network

Data transmission network (DTN) of CJSC "Macomnet" - is a soft- and hardware complex, which is the basis for provision of telecommunication services by CJSC "Macomnet". The principle aspect is that since the beginning of companyís activity as a backbone was taken fiber-optic cable which ensures high-speed information transmission with guaranteed high level of quality. Moreover, fiber-optic cable lines are used not only for organization of basis level of DTN but also for construction of so called "last miles" for connection of Customersí termination equipment. Thus customersí traffic is completely transmitted via fiber-optic that ensure high level of quality and protection of information. Macomnet network
Data transmission network of CJSC "Macomnet" is a multilevel system which unites telecommunication networks with different technologies of data transmission. The basic level consists from three networks with SDH, ATM and MPLS technologies. The backbone of DTN is fiber-optic cable lines constructed in tunnels of Moscow Metro. In this connection the network topology substantially correlates with topology of Metro lines and ensure equal coverage of Moscow territory within the limits of Moscow encircling highway. Switching equipment of DTN is located in secured technological premises which enables its efficient maintenance and increases level of informational security of CJSC "Macomnetís" services.

Equipment of Macomnet DTN is placed practically at all Moscow Metro stations, main long-distance and international gateways (MMTS-5, MMTS-9, MMTS-10, MMTS-34, etc.), largest operatorsí switches. MAcomnet organized reserve optical connections with a number of telecommunication operators in order to transmit data via fiber-optic cable at the STM-1 and STM-4 levels.

Transport network SDH enables data transmission via dedicated channels. Customers of CJSC "Macomnet" are provided with channels of 2; 34/45; 155 and 622 Mbps. Steady growth of amount of communication channels and speeds of data transmission dictate the necessity of increase of SDH network capacity. In particular, for solution of this problem in 2006 a new circular topology of STM-64 level was placed in operation, which ensures 10 Gbps bandwidth.

ATM network assigned for provision of broad range of services due to the possibility of integrated transmission of batch, voice and video traffic. ATM network switches are placed on average at each third Moscow Metro station. On basis of ATM network an access network has been constructed one of the main elements in which are Ethernet switches. At present time owing to ATM network resources a number of projects on organization of 2-d level dedicated virtual networks were put into operation. In particular, ATM network ensures data transmission of computer-based payment system (CBPS) in Moscow Metro as well as centralized system of video monitoring assigned for observation under Metro passenger premises. From camera-recorders placed at platforms and metro vestibules TV signal is transmitted via ATM network to corresponding controller's offices of Moscow Metro in real-time mode.

Fiber-optic network MPLS is assigned for 2-d and 3-d level batch traffic transmission. The MPLS network structure is a ring which ensures 10 Gbps bandwidth with connection of segments with 1 Gbps bandwidth. For servicesí provision in MPLS network virtual dedicated networks for customers (VPN) and connections to global Internet network are organized. At present time in MPLS network is organized a virtual dedicated network which unites urgent summons terminals in Moscow Metro. Via 3-d level VPN video and audio streams transmission between Situation Center of Metro and terminals in halls and vestibules of Metro stations is effected.

Reliability of DTN Macomnet functioning, as well as high quality of telecommunication services are guaranteed by the complex of technical decisions applied in construction and maintenance of CJSC "Macomnet" network as follows:

  • In SDH, ATM and MPLS networks structural and software methods of traffic transmission reservation are applied, that guarantees high level of reliability and quality of telecommunication services;
  • All DNT elements are supplied with remote monitoring and control systems. Control systems under telecommunication equipment has up-to-date software corresponding to international standards;
  • In DNT projects of hardware reservation are also realized: full reservation of main telecoms equipment componentry, power supply and synchronization sources;
  • Daily and round-the-clock traffic department of CJSC "Macomnet" ensures maintenance and efficient damage control executing at any time.