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Solutions for financial institutions

Today all financial institutions need access to instantly changing financial information and opportunity of automatic generation of reports on operations as well as provision customers with improved services.

Macomnet supplies more than 200 banks and financial institutions with connection to exchanges and information systems:
  • RTS
  • Reuters
  • Bloomberg
  • B-net
  • MSEX
  • SPEX

«For the last years CJSC "Macomnet" gained a great experience in organization and maintenance of big projects. There is a number of other features which in conjunction with intensive work of the company guarantee our firm position in the market.

Accounting peculiarity of placing of the significant part of equipment, basic networks cables and access network in Moscow Metro premises Ė first of all this is high reliability, quality and level of services accessibility. The reached index of an average coefficient of service accessibility is more than 0,99997.

Cumulative experience on realization of large-scale projects enabled to work through technology of works organization perfectly and to reduce time of services provision "turnkey" with construction of fiber-optic "last mile" to 25 days. At the same time paces of connections increased to 120 new objects per month.

Cooperation with customers, activity of which is seriously affected even by short breaks in telecommunication provision, made us to work through maintenance technology and to reduce an average time of damages elimination (including damages on cable runs) to 2,5 hours.

Each project is unique for us and we together with every customer try to work through all details and in result mutually choose optimal technical and economically sound solution.

All services are provided with guaranteed quality and in dependence with Customerís demand connection to the Network is effected and efficiently scaled in bandwidth from 1,2Kbps to 10Gbps.