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Solutions for content providers and mass media

Existing multi-service network today in full measure enables to provide Triple Play services: data, voice and video transmission via single network.

Data - it is both Internet access including public networks’ services and dedicated corporate networks of data transmission. Voice transmission – is modern telephony in wide sense, from traditional solutions to multi-point audio conferences. Video transmission – it’s not only viewing of TV programs, but also interactive TV: "video on demand", remote training, etc.

Multi-service network enables to provide the following types of services:
  • telephone and facsimile communications;
  • dedicated channels with guaranteed transmission speed;
  • batch data transmission with guaranteed quality of service;
  • transmission of video data, videoconferencing;
  • TV, including HDTV format;
  • wideband Internet Access;
  • coupling of distant segments of different local computing networks (LCN), VPN organization.

For corporate market integration of all distant departments into single multi-service network enables to increase significantly the efficiency of information exchange ensuring data accessibility at any time.

Multi-service network enables to provide integrated solutions for all participants of TV content market, TV-broadcasting and mass media markets:
  • transmission TV programs and media files to distribution networks ("point-to-point" and "point-to-multipoint");
  • conversion of TV formats, coupling of systems of various types and generations;
  • traffic streams and program packages forming;
  • interaction with content control systems of TV and radio companies;
  • technical control under signals transmission;
  • working out of integrated services using basic services of partners;
  • organization of order channels, additional audio and motion channels.

The network structure ensures realization of high-speed switching with all mains of leading international and intercity telecommunication operators.