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29.12.2016 - Station "Frunzenskaya" is opened after reconstruction

29 December. Activities for replacement of escalator complexes and reconstruction of the lobby was completed 2 months ahead of schedule. Early opening of the "Frunzenskaya" is undoubtedly one of the main gifts for all residents and guests of the capital on the eve of new year holidays.
Station "Frunzenskaya" was closed on 2nd January 2016 for replacement were over 59 years in the operation of the escalators and the repair and restoration works in the passenger areas. It was originally planned that the implementation of such a volume of work the experts will need 14 months, but thanks to the coordinated work of contractors and services of the Moscow metro to take the station failed in this year 2 months earlier.
Is established in 1957 and therefore obsolete escalator complexes appeared at the station the newest hoisting mechanism of the Russian manufacture. They meet all norms and safety requirements are of modern design and consume 40% less electricity.
ZAO "MACOMNET" timely delivery of a connection via the data network an important technological segments to the centralized systems of the metro.