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16.05.2016 - The Lobby of the station "Prospect Mira" circle line was opened after reconstruction

After the overhaul may 16, 2016 opened the lobby of the station "Prospect Mira" circle line. Instead of 3 old escalators here set 4 new, and also undertook extensive restoration work. The opening of the renovated lobby has become one of the main gift to Muscovites and guests of the capital during the celebration of the 81st birthday of the Moscow metro.
The lobby of the station "Prospect Mira" circle line was closed on 30 may 2015 in connection with the need for replacement of escalator systems, and technical life came to an end. Change mechanisms established in 1952 - a mandatory process to ensure safety of passengers. Routine repairs was 12 months, however, thanks to the coordinated work of contractors and services of the Moscow metro, the escalator replacement systems and reconstruction of the building ended earlier than planned.
Modern engineering solution, applied during the reconstruction, allowed without expanding the diameter of an escalator tunnel to install 4 new escalator is 3 old. It will relieve users of the Moscow metro lines in this area even during peak hours.
ZAO "MACOMNET" timely delivery of a connection via the data network an important technological segments to the centralized systems of the metro.