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15.10.2015 - JSC "MACOMNET" organized a test area of wireless authorized access to the data network using the IEEE 802.11 b/g (Wi-Fi).

ZAO "MACOMNET" organized a test area of wireless authorized access to the data network of the Customer using the IEEE 802.11 b/g (Wi-Fi). In accordance with the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 801 of August 12, 2014, Users can access the wireless Internet network is performed after User authentication (hereinafter Authentication) in the following order:
Upon initial connection, the User is automatically redirected to the start page of WEB server the remote kernel by automatic referring to the external IP address in the public Internet segment. On the login page, the user specifies the mobile phone number that dispatches messages in the format of the SMPP on the aggregation server. This message is sent to the User in SMS format, the text which contains the access code (from 4 to 6 digits). The access code entered in the field Authorization, then the User will have the access to the Internet with a redirection to the ad page, formatted according to the discretion of the Customer project (Bank, restaurant, shopping center, etc.). The customer can access the template of the start page of the WEB Server. This template provides:
- Ability to view statistics
- Generate reports for a selected period of time
- Change the page used for authenticating users of WiFi networks and display them advertising or other messages.
- The ability of the Customer to form their own view of web pages according to your requirements. Codes for the formation of pages provided to the Customer in the relevant instructions.
This system is for 1(one) year shall then hold the following data:
Data about the time for the User connection.
- Matching mobile phone number and MAC addresses of the User's device.
- IP address of the User on the internal network Macomnet.
- Session duration of access to the network and the amount of transferred User data.
- The address of the access point, used the User's connection to the network.
- A list of all sessions corresponding to the mobile device User.
The results of the test signed a contract and started providing wireless Internet access to visitors of the Moscow branches of Bank.